Cultural Studies

Going Together

Going Together is a vivid collection of Tome Hsienhua Loulin’s writings that reflect on issues directly linked to our daily lives and rarely being examined seriously. Hsienhua is currently based in Hubei of China.


New Studies and Theories

Focusing on the world of socially, culturally, and economically marginalized groups, New Studies and Theories is a collection recoding our society around people overlooked at large.

Another Moon

by Tome Loulin Above me spreads the hot, blue mid-day sky,Far down the hillside lies the sleeping lakeLazily reflecting back the sun,And scarcely ruffled by the little breezeWhich wanders idly through the nodding ferns.The blue crest of the distant mountain, topsThe green crest of the hill on which I sit;And it is summer, glorious, deep-toned … Continue reading “Another Moon”

Something Every Individual Tried: Working and Education

阅读中文版 When cleansing our company’s floor, I asked Katie, a female coworker in her twenty-something, about whether she would take university entrance exam again if possible. ‘No’ She answered, fretted. We work in a second language teaching company where she worked as a sale consultant; I a lecture; both of us were insecurely hired because … Continue reading “Something Every Individual Tried: Working and Education”

Regarding Humanity in the Age of Irritation

He knew it would be a matter of time before the outbreak to be contained someday. In Chinese Mahayana canon, one of pupils’ main goals was to escape the cycle of endless death and rebirth into Nirvana as final destination beside pursuing self-enlightenment. The pupils were taught that life is suffering but we can search … Continue reading “Regarding Humanity in the Age of Irritation”