Before Emerging Nations Getting More Democratic, A Democratically Shaped Strategy Is Needed.

The paradox of democracy about China is that because it is a pseudo-dictatorship or one-rule state, it deserves no good. Ironically speaking, the US has pledged to maintain a fairer and democratic world for a long time that people have all believed that a real thing without doubting. Then comes the reality. Currently this pledge may remain a powerful one but it has been showing to be weakened as recent policy like America First implemented for its own gain has started to crack its relations with some emerging nations.

The rough and arbitrary military actions, performed by this government, had hurt so many people, not only who live in the Vietnam and Afghanistan but also in Yemen, and caused a trail of catastrophic tragedies and war crimes. The killings of ordinary citizens, which had happened not only in Yemen during its civil war converted into a proxy war backed by Saudi but also in Iraq and other places with different forms, had left many broken hearts uncured, some of whom lost their beloved ones struggled to find ways to survive. There the power of interventional policies implemented to global community against countries that don’t act democratically has been abused.

Every country deserves to thrive though there is no guarantee of that. And every single person’s basic rights need to be respected. Additionally an equal treatment for all is needed, which means respecting the universal declaration of human rights. We know democracy is not a thing that could happen over night especially in emerging nations. Instead it demands generation over generation’s efforts to make it come into shape. Mostly, not only hard-working is needed but maybe bloodsheds, too. Folks under dictatorial reign are on the verge of a vulnerable situation. But the people who live in the “freed” countries are hurting them by stigmatising the characteristics of who live in unfree countries without basic knowledge and understanding on international political norms. It is another form of discrimination and an example of bigotry prejudice. In other words, criticizing the disadvantaged without proper contemplation or knowledge is an form of violence. Those insults serve as tools to make the weak become even weaker.

Countries are shaped by their cultures so they different. Nowadays the political climate in the world has gone low. The sanctions proposed by Washington on Chinese technology companies have started to take effect, which has fueled a complex feeling for Chinese people on whether to be patriotic or go supporting the reform of democracy. The dilemma between advancing its technological power and developing democracy is complicating. People of China can never reason those out easily. Before China becoming more democratic, strategies regarding its people’s rights and wellbeing are needed. if Washington cares about human rights it should go with governmental conversations instead of sanctioning the private companies in China. Neither an economic downturn or a neo-cold-war will benefit both sides of the people nor they will help the government in Washington win a trade war easily, in which it could leave so many people fallen into a state of being unemployed and being outdoored. It will only make the poor become even more poor or the US government had never cared. The leader of the US government now wants one thing for sure that’s to secure an America dominated world but we human beings deeply regret about it. It had worked fine in the past but now hurts. Maybe our world truely has no real democracy at all but only gambles on the money and power. Beside these, nothing has been cared properly. For instance, the great discrepancy between the rich and the poor is exaggerating. For this issue, there is no cure and sometimes a vote cannot help with low turnout rate of elections which was resulted by low confidence towards the effectiveness of voting. It is a heart-broking truth but the governments around the world have chose to ignore. Behind those issues, only one thing is clear that is our democracy has never come completely, even in the America. If the bully is really a thing that was included in our practice of democracy, I guess we the human beings have never done right.