Before we getting more democratic, can you treat us more democratic.

The great paradox is that China is so called a dictatorship country, so she deserves no good, ironically US has pledged a great fair and democracy, it’s powerful but also harmful, its roughness and arbitrary actions had already hurt so many, the people in Vietnam, Afghanistan and the killing in Yemen a proxy war backed by Saudi, leaved so many broken hearts uncured. the great bias on the countries they don’t practice democracy, or simply of they don’t obey the rule of US, were been abused, and are being abusing, every country deserves a thrive, every people deserves an equal treat,no matter where they were born or other pre-conditions, as we all know, democracy is not a thing that could changed in one night, it needs generations and generations to come, it’s hard but also demands bloodshed sacrifice, people who live under a dictatorship state, also more vulnerable, but the people in “free” countries are actually hurting them without knowing, and are abusing the people already more vulnerable.

Every country was born for a great difference. Nowadays US has gone for good or bad, things have getting crazy and crazy, the bullies on Huawei, and other Chinese technology companies,  have getting worse and worse, Washington thinks it knows China better than Chinese people themself, but why not US treat China more democratic before it becomes a more democratic country, just for the sake of people, if Washington really cares about the people, it should targets the government of China in Beijing, not the private company runs by Chinese people, a economic cold war will not help the people and will not help the government in Washington, and no one could win, in which action could leaves so many people unemployed and being homelessness, makes the poor even more poor, or  maybe US government had never cared, the leader of US government wants one thing that’s to secure an America dominated world, but we human beings deeply regret about it, it works fine in the past but now hurts, maybe in our world there has no real democracy at all, only gambles on the money and power, beside these, nothing have been cared, the great discrepancy between the rich and the poor, a vote cannot help, it’s a heart-broking thing but finally turns insolvency. Behind these scenes, only one thing is clear ,that is democracy has never come, even in the America. If the bully is really a thing included in our democracy, I guess we human beings have never done right.