Summer we belong

For every life, seek the light,I am listening the song For Emma, we shared summer, you came to my life, the time I got ill, in the hospital, you saw me, then you searched me on the social network, you send me message humbly”I saw you.” I have to say, I love the way you talk to me, the time I isolated myself away from the line, you are the sun cross the mist in the mountain, a recluse, find something really worth to have, that’s your massage, I replied”where?” “in the hospital, I am in crash with you.” that was the summer. I was afriad you will leave me when you finally get me. I will our love could last, finally, I could always remember you when the summer comes, and I know you were gone, and I never wanna ask, and not even once, I have nothing but the memories, the most wonderful things you have lefted me, more than the pain and pleasure of the love, love not just love, it is everything and finally nothing, and all I have is this summer we once belonged.

River flows, I got a long walk, willows all around.